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Dad and my kids

Sissy and Max love each other 🙂

Max loves his Bubby


As I was laying down with Max , I started to ponder on what a baby thinks about this wild and crazy world around us. A world where something is always new and changing. We the parents are their constant. We are what they turn to when all else fails or just when they want love and comfort. As a man I can speak more to the role of Dad in this.

When a child is very young, Daddy can do no wrong. If it is broken Daddy can fix it. If is broken beyond Daddy’s ability to repair, well then that was the way it was meant to be all along. Generally speaking Daddy is Superman.
I am going through that stage of Daddy-hood with Max right now. If Daddy coughs, Max fakes a cough. If his toy doesn’t make the noise that is expected, he hands it to me. Usually it is the act of flipping the switch to the on position, but in his young eyes I have performed nothing short of a miracle. Max has taken to bouts of walking with my cane and letting his right leg kind of drag behind, because that is how Daddy is currently walking. Sure it is a little difficult for him to mimic, but he tries, because his Daddy must be doing it the right way.

As much as any Daddy, I enjoy these moments and bask in the hero-worship, but it will eventually come to an end. Many Dads dread that day, they agonize over their child realizing Daddy is imperfect and that he is but a man. I say don’t fret this change, but embrace it because what comes after is much more amazing.

Jared, Emerald and Isaiah are past the stage believing Daddy is perfect. They know that Daddy has limitations. Daddy can not fix everything.They know that Daddy has a short temper at times,that Daddy is not Superman.

So what is so much better about this? Why do I tell you to embrace this change? It is simple, they love me no less than they ever did. They see Daddy as a human being, who loves them and cares for them with all he can. They see my imperfections and yet, I am still loved. Simply speaking, despite my best efforts, I am but human and will often come up short of perfect. With all this realization, they still very much love me. I have no doubt in my heart and mind that this is so.

New Dads, enjoy being Superman while you can, but don’t dread the day that the illusion is gone. Embrace the fact that you can be human, with all the imperfections that entails, and still be so loved by your children

Thanks for reading
Steve AKA FatherNoRest

Dinner on the Floor

Last night I ate my dinner laying  in the floor. No I wasn’t in trouble and regulated to the dog house, it was the only way I could comfortably enjoy my meal in the same room as my family.

As some of you know, I have chronic back trouble from an injury in my early twenties. You know, back when I had big biceps, big shoulders, an even bigger ego but not such a big stomach.  Over the weekend I had a major relapse, probably the worst my back has been since my most recent surgery six years ago.  Finding a place/position of comfort is next to impossible when you have a disc bulging and pressing on nerve roots.

Tabitha (aka @unsung_0ne aka The Beautiful Bride) took time to grill us steak with  portabella mushrooms and a throw together a fantastic homemade mac and cheese. A perfect dinner for us all to pull up to the table and enjoy with a few candles lit in the center piece, just to celebrate that we have the time to sit down and eat together during the week. This was such a luxury, until I tried to sit at the table.

I came into the dinning room, with mouth watering over the beautiful meal that awaited.  As I sat at the table that all too familiar feeling of electricity rushing down my leg and muscle spasms began. I tried several different positions in the chair to no avail. It was not in the cards for me to sit at the table and have my meal.

Rather than ruin the effort the beautiful bride put forth in making this lovely dinner, I laid down on the floor and adjusted until I could find a position of relief and had her hand my plate down to me. Our dinner,a little confusing to Max,  continued on with me eating from the floor as they ate from the table.

Of course this was not the ideal way to share a family dinner, but we did manage to have a dinner that was not rushed. A dinner that we could actually have time to have conversation, something that is too often missed during the week because of the hectic schedules we are under. So I was very content to eat my dinner from the floor.

Simple Pleasures

With the abundance of expensive gadgets and distractions available, it is nice to know my children can still enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Hopefully, as they grow older and go about their lives they remember these activities fondly.

One such pleasure is a trip to the beach with a cooler full of beverages and fried chicken or sandwiches. We all have a different idea of what makes a wonderful day at the beach. Whether it’s sitting under an umbrella reading a book, working on a tan, swimming, surfing or simply enjoying the view, we all get to have an a great time.  The best part is we all gather around the cooler to enjoy our refreshments together.

Fishing is another such simple pleasure . We again load up a cooler and grab our fishing poles and swing out to the a local fishing pier or similar location.  Of course fishing is a lot more fun if you are catching something, but that is not a prerequisite for a grand family time.

A late evening favorite around here, having dinner around the fire pit in the backyard. Be it bratwurst cooked on the grill or sausages and hot dogs cooked over the open fire, this is truly a simple and fun family activity.

Of course their are numerous other activities we enjoy, but none encourage open and honest conversation the way these do.

What are some of the simple pleasure you enjoy with your family?

When my wife decided to breastfeed I was uncertain of my role in the process. So I attended classes with her and read several books on the subject. After all the classes and books, I realized that a man’s role is simple, support and encouragement.

I am proud that Tabitha (aka @unsung_one, aka the beautiful bride) decided to breastfeed. I realize that it is not always easy for a working mother. Especially so, for one trying to pump in an atmosphere that schedules can become meaningless with the arrival of just one emergent patient. She worries that her milk production is not where it should be, but Max is yet to demand more than she has produced and it is a rare occasion that I have to access our frozen stock. If her milk supply took a drastic drop tomorrow, she would still be doing a fantastic job.

So, to my beautiful bride I express my gratitude. You are truly fantastic, not only with breastfeeding, but as a mother, step-mother, and wife as well.

Thanks for reading,
Steve AKA FatherNoRest

My first Blog post

I finally did it. I have committed to a blogger ID and jumped into the blogosphere.

I am looking forward to using this as a tool to share my parenting experiences, to learn and connect with other parents . I have met many great parent bloggers through twitter, and I in no way expect that I will become as prolific as many of you,  I do hope to keep from embarrassing myself too badly.  I probably should find a good editor, since my spelling is atrocious and at times my grammar leaves a lot to be desired.

Please note, this blog is a work in progress and may undergo a few layout changes as I learn and grow.

Thanks for your patience with me