Memoirs of a Single Dad is running a small contest about the motivations of bloggers, specifically for love or money.  The winner is a random selection, but is a chance to foster community and share an opinion the topic. If you look around my blog you see that I have no sponsored posts and that the only ads, if any, that appear are to the benefit of WordPress .

My motivation for writing and maintaining this blog is my desire to write. I enjoy reading the posts of  many other parent bloggers and wanted to be a part of that community. I am enamored by the spirit of honesty and the desire to share stories, good and bad. This type of open and honest community fosters learning and improvement of us all, as parents and individuals. I have a hope that others can learn from me, and that I can also learn from them as well.

In addition to the love and desire to write, my blog serves as a communication tool. It is a place that family and friends can come and see updates  related to Tabitha, the children and myself, without having to weed through the thousands of useless posts on a certain social media website. You know the one that is becoming a haven to post links to videos, post generic updates over and over, and to beg people to help you in one game or another. I enjoy having control over the material that is presented. So I guess you can say there is a little narcissism to include within my motivations.

Now that I have said why I blog, the question that begs to be asked: Would I ever do a sponsored post or accept a free product in return for writing a review. I would have to say yes, with conditions. I would have to truly believe in the product and I would need to be open and honest.  I know that no company wants to negatively advertise their product, but I believe honesty in a review is a must or you are nothing but a TV commercial or print ad.

I currently write for the sake of writing, but I am a practical man. If the proper opportunity to profit from my writing presents itself, I would be fool not to accept it.  I know if something you enjoy becomes your job, then it loses its joy. However, if you can occasionally profit from you Hobby, then so be it.

Again, this post is a contest entry that has the potential to allow me to profit. Though subject is assigned, the opinion are all mine.

As Always Thanks For Reading,

Steve AKA FatherNoRest

P.S. Don’t forget to go to Memoirs of a Single Dad and to find links to what others have to say on this topic. Oh and Dan, if I win Best Buy is my candy store.