I recently asked my three oldest children a simple, but yet very complex question. What does family mean to you. Each one typed up a quick meaning for me and I am very proud to share with you their responses. These are their own independent thoughts and are presented to you with out editorial changes:

First we hear from Isaiah, my middle son 12 years old.

I think family is people you can trust. Family should be dependable not people who make you be independent for everything you need to do. They are people who you can go to for advice or talk to when you have problems. Family should always love no matter what you do (endless love). Family can help you when you need the help.  Family can’t try to change you, they should love you for you.

Second  comes from Emerald, my only daughter 14 years old.

Whenever I hear the word family I think of people who were put in your life that you trust and can go to when you need them.  Family doesn’t necessarily have to be people who you’re related to you could have someone you’re really close and that knows everything about you and they could be considered as family. Family is people that don’t try to change you because they accept you and love you just the way you are. You may not trust or like how some of your family members are but you should love them and at least try to make a bond with them because whether you like it or not there stuck in your life forever.  Family tends to have a big impact on your life because at times they may teach you life lessons, you may learn something new from them and some you even look up to and you want to be like them.  I think the most important thing about family is trust because if you don’t trust one another then things could be horrible and things could go wrong but if you trust one another then you’ll have a close bond and wouldn’t be as bad because you’ll trust one another to get you through whatever it is you’re going through. Family plays a big role in your life and it always will be, so appreciate your family

Finally Jared, my oldest son 18 years old

When people say the word family, the emotions conjured up vary based on who you say that to. Some people have a distasteful idea of family, others have a fondness of family, and others have no grasp of the concept at all. When asked to write this paragraph, I wasn’t excited to say the least. Which family? My family at my Mom’s house? My family at my Dad’s house? My extended family though the church? I had no idea what to say. As I type, I see one  reoccurring factor in each, so much so that they are not 3 separate entities, but one giant family, whether each part realizes it or not.  The factor is compassion.  When one person in any parts of my family is weakened, my entire family gets stronger. When my stepdad was diagnosed with lymphoma, my church showered us in prayer and encouragement via calls, visits, flowers, and encouraging facebook messages, and my dad and stepmom also let us know that he was in their thoughts.  Not many families have a father and his wife that are concerned about the ex-wife’s husband. The church and my family at mom’s all stepped up and prayed for my father when his back went out.  Only a fraction of my family is represented in this short paragraph, I have family through my dad, through my mom, and through my stepdad that I would have to start my own blog to give due credit to them. I thank God for the family I have, and that if at any point in my life, any part of my family is going through a trying time, the rest of my family will be there to make it less difficult.

Though they where reluctant, All three children came through with sincere and meaningful contributions to this post.  It’s time like these that I set back and bask in the wonderful nature of my children.

Thanks for Reading