When my wife decided to breastfeed I was uncertain of my role in the process. So I attended classes with her and read several books on the subject. After all the classes and books, I realized that a man’s role is simple, support and encouragement.

I am proud that Tabitha (aka @unsung_one, aka the beautiful bride) decided to breastfeed. I realize that it is not always easy for a working mother. Especially so, for one trying to pump in an atmosphere that schedules can become meaningless with the arrival of just one emergent patient. She worries that her milk production is not where it should be, but Max is yet to demand more than she has produced and it is a rare occasion that I have to access our frozen stock. If her milk supply took a drastic drop tomorrow, she would still be doing a fantastic job.

So, to my beautiful bride I express my gratitude. You are truly fantastic, not only with breastfeeding, but as a mother, step-mother, and wife as well.

Thanks for reading,
Steve AKA FatherNoRest