FatherNoRest was not my first choice, for blog names, I went through several choices before I found landed on a moniker that was not being used twitter or not too close to a blog already established. However, the name still has a large amount of meaning to me.

The short version of why FatherNoRest, this daddy gets very little sleep and it sounds like the old-time radio and tv show Father Knows Best.

Ok, so now you want to know why I get no rest.  My beautiful bride (@unsung_one aka Tabitha) and I really didn’t want to send Max to daycare and it just isn’t financially feasible for either one of us to leave the workforce at this point, so I work nights.

My typical day involves me getting home at 7:30 am to take over Max duties so that Tabitha can run off to her hob. We due all the things any other parent that stays at home with the children do, with the exception that I always sleep when Max does, so that on a good day I two naps of 1-1/2 t0 2 hours each.  By the time Tabitha gets home, I have another 1-1/2 to 2 hours that I can sleep before I have to get up and get ready to leave for work.

Thanks for reading